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What does the ombudsman do if they find that a wrongdoing has occurred?

PIDA specifies that the purpose of an ombudsman investigation into a disclosure of wrongdoing is to bring the wrongdoing to the attention of the appropriate public body and to recommend corrective measures that should be taken.

Upon completing an investigation, the ombudsman must prepare a report containing his or her findings and any recommendations about the disclosure and the wrongdoing.

If recommendations are made, the ombudsman may request that the public body notify him or her, within a specified time, of the steps it has taken or plans to take in response to the recommendations.

Will I find out about the results of an investigation?

Yes, if you are the person who made the disclosure. The ombudsman or designated officer must inform the employee (or person making the disclosure) of the results of the investigation in a manner and at the time considered appropriate. In certain cases if it is in the public interest to do so, the ombudsman may publish a special report relating to an investigation.